Monday, October 29, 2012

If God

Defining that
And walking alone
Over my background,
But today I get you
And I assure you
My sincere love,
Because today I dare
To do what I've wanted,
Doesn't matter what they say,
Doesn't matter what they make.

Because if God gave me life
Is for able to love you,
Is for able to kiss you,
Because If God doesn't take my life
Is because it is His will
This life.

If I am wrong
About love
And I'm going to hell
Because of this sin
I know I deserve it,
Because I love you
With all my soul,
I'm so sorry
This is my desicion
Of love you forever
And to love you endless.

Because if God gave me this soul
Is for able to sing you,
Is for able to hug you,
Because if God gave me this chance
Is for able to leverage
Your gaze.

If God put you in my way
Is because you are my fate
And what God joined
No one has the right
To put it into question
And disjoint it with their odium,
Because our love is pure
And it's a light to the nature,
I didn't care my past
Less my future.

Because if God doesn't stop me
Is because we will be together,
Is because he give me the way,
Because if God allows me today,
I'm gonna love you
Until the end of the world.

Album: If God.

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