Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Destruction

The time passed,
Past is the past
But my rancor
Just has grown,
The pain that I feel
It's like a shot
Which hurts my heart
Broken and empty.

I feel the destruction
That you've induced
I prefer to be dead,
I feel the earthquake
Of your selfishness
I prefer to forget it.

I don't want hate
Which injures my heart,
I don't want your shame
Which hardens my life,
I feel the pressure
Which cuts my breath
But without a option
I'm still crying.

I feel the destruction
Of your dirty mouth
I prefer to be deaf,
I feel the tension
From my repudiation
I prefer to exploit at all,
Exploit at all.

I will never be perfect
And I never I wanted to be it,
I just wanted to be myself
Showing my worth
But everyone stepped me on
In your hell.

I feel the destruction
Of your ungodly hands
I prefer to remove them,
The destruction
Of your thought
I prefer to kill them.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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