Tuesday, October 2, 2012

God's Work

You mark with your fingers
Believing to be in the right,
But if you wanna be God,
Take care with that,
Who do you think you are
To cynically to judge me?
'Cause if my love is not logic
It's because your sin is my stereotype,
God, God.

If you want to take the God's work
Then listen to,
If I'll go to the hell, you will go with me
By your sin,
Because Lucifer fell
by wanting to be God.

You're still judging eveybody
Condemning to a eternal punishment,
I'm not gonna say you this
'Cause I'm gonna see your chastisement,
I'm not gonna give an opinion
Or tell you your sins
I recognize my errors
And I'll live in the hell with gladly,
God, God.

If you wanna take the God's work
He won't  be happy of this
So that, don't expect that the Heaven's doors open
Because God already close them,
'Cause like the Devil
You wanted to be like God.

Feck yourself in the hell,
Well you made me live one of it,
I will push you in it first
To stop my love,
I don't want your perdon
Or your love.

Because if you want to be God,
God will spit you out,
'Cause you ruined the lives of those one deserve the Heaven's keys
Because I swear
That I will accuse you first.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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