Monday, March 18, 2013

Like Rainfall

Dry and thirsty
I hope your love
In the middle of this dessert,
The hot sun
Wants to kill me
But I got faith yet
That you will come in my search
And I know that some how you will comer over.

Between mirages
I listen your voice again
Giving me more strengh,
Because until my shadow
Is hiding in the sand
Leaving me in the drift,
But my heart feels you here
And I know that coming soon I'll be in your side.

Kiss me now
Give me hope
The clouds announce
Your arrival
And in just this moment
Your kisses resuscite my soul

I don't wanna be a poet
If you aren't close
Because your kisses are like rainfall,
And I want to flood
In the water of your soul
Because your kisses are like rainfall.

Chapter II: Magical

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