Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In the far north
My heart is on
Who waiting for you,
And in a big ice
Starts to turn off
The only reason that I have,
'Cause, the sun doesn't want to appear already
And I don't want to live my life in this web.

My feelings
Are freazing,
Killing my dreams,
But I know that you will come soon,
I have the certainty,
You are the reason that I'm still living,
Because I feel
The beats from your heart who finding

I don't lose the hopes,
I know that somewhere you are on,
Because only your kisses
Can save me
From this big glacier.

If you wanna save me
Just come back again,
Or I will die inside of this glacier,
If it is true love
What you want to give me right now
In this way I'll get out from this glacier.

Chapter II: Magical

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