Monday, November 18, 2013


I'm not the type of guy
I would like to have love in your arms,
But you are of that type
He likes staring eyes.

Today I am who enjoy
A good company and a guitar,
But you were looking for in some eyes
Nobody love you illustrate.

See my eyes said to see you enter,
And your smile told me to "dare to enter"

I am not like everyone
Of those who looked for a moment,
Because what I want
It is to share all the seconds that I still have.

He looked at me from the terrace with tenderness,
As I said, dare to sing, and to love.

Tell me where are the notes that you wanted to dedicate
And in the staff writes the love story that starts today,
I am your voice and you're my music and love is our poetry.

Don't tell me that this is not love
I feel that I have a heart when I see you, 
But if ever you feel it that way
Please tell me singing.

Chapter VII: I Do

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