Friday, November 1, 2013


I was a loser in love
With a pain of love
Always alone and unloved.

Where it grew a fantasy
Was born in it a lie
That it darkened my innocence.

But all this was passed
Today I am the winner.

Too late I realized it
No one could heal me
If I don't loved in the first place.

Because always rejected
Broken and humiliated
I was on your hands.

Because the wheel changed today
And above you, I'm going to be.

Many times I lost the battle
But today I can win the war
I just have to have safety
What I feel now.

Because things change
And I see it now,
Since I don't charge this weight anymore
In my head.

Today I can shout
I have someone who wants me to love
While I'm singing victory,
Victory, victory.

Chapter VII: I Do

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