Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do Not Blame You

I would not walk deaf about the fog of the world,
I would not seek love in a man or in the silence,
I would not pray for sell my soul to the devil,
I would not breathe this charade all the moments.

I would not weep for the lost moments,
I'm not posing everything in my world is perfect,
I would not learn to love and to hate everything that today I feel,
I would not break my heart not to have by my side.

I would show the love that you have me teaching
Regardless of race or gender as God says
But now you don't understand nothing of what I say,
Because you do not know by what I've spent all this time.

Do not blame you but if you'd heard first at all,
Do not blame you but If you had given me love instead of rejection,
You rather than be praying I had sought, but not blame you
Do not blame you, but I assure you.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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