Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Your Fault

No God,
I don't wanna continue living
Without affection or love,
I prefer
That they condemn me in the Heaven
And pay the Hell;
I don't know, how could you be so selfish?
And now
Although It goes against you
And your philosophies
I'm not going to
Stop of loving
By what they say.

Well It's your fault
For let me love
And it's your fault
For give me a soul;
I promise be good
If you change of opinion,
But it's your fault
For create my soul.

I want to forget
What the love is,
I have the reliability
Of be creative
And at the end,
I'm not gonna stop
Of look for now
And nothing
Could take out
My desires to love.

It's your fault
For create my bloom,
It's your fault
For not position
This thirsty heart
Who looks for love,
It's your fault
For only look at.

But thank you
I'm gonna give you,
Because there's nothing
Better than loving;
And even I know
That you can understand me
And like a father
You just want to see me happy,
So that, so that.

Don't leave me now,
Just give me the occasion.

It's your fault
For want to love,
It's your fault
By give me the spot
Where I want to love
And in this way hold on,
It's your fault
For be my soul.

Album: It's Not Your Religion.