Monday, October 29, 2012

Move Forward

While I sang along
What my heart felt to,
My parents shut me up
With a silly chat
I prayed to God,
Since then I knew all
That I had to hold
To my own faith
Take the risk to go away
To be stronger,
I will pray to God
And I will move forward.

I will extend my voice with all my heart
So everyone wants to shut me up,
I'll love, I'll dance, I'll sing and move forward,
I won't let anyone limits my lust
Well, the Heaven isn't even stopping my heart,
I'll run, I'll scream, I'll jump and move forward.

I sacrificed myself 
To not hurt you
And I denied myself
The privilege of loving you,
I was never happy
But now I must keep,
I will love ya
And move forward.

I will dilate the love which lies in my heart
And I won't let anyone cut me up,
I'll give, I'll live, I'll enjoy and move forward,
I will distribute the pieces from my heart
To mark the hearts who eat me up,
I'll shine, I'll laugh, I'll cry and move forward.

I will destroy all the obstacles,
I will get over all the challenges
And I will learn from every errors
And I won't fail to move me,
Look at me, move again.

I will stretch the passion of my faith
And always the best I will give,
I'll act, I'll dream, I'll die and move forward,
I won't let anyone judge me
Because I won't be what they wanted
I'll think, I'll touch, I'll feel and move forward.

Album: If God. 

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