Sunday, October 7, 2012


I don't want your attention
Or a lecture,
I wanted your love
And I got your rancor
And odium,
Those brothers
Who never been
And their promises
Which they never made them,
They never kept them.

I prefer to be in a pit
With hungry lions lurking,
I prefer to go to the hell
Than with you in the Heaven.

You never be
Like me,
And I know that now
You have it clear,
I don't wanna back
Because never
I could fall in love
Or love me.

I prefer to load your cross
That be judged by Jesus,
I prefer to be in the world
That pretend no be at.

Who says that the Heaven is won
Because you save souls?
Who says that the Heaven won
To be in that scaffold?
Tell me who says, who says
That I have no access
Or I don't deserve the Heaven.

I prefer to live under your disgust
Than deny myself live the love,
I prefer to love the Devil
Than being hated by God.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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