Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Are

I heard the voice of the dream
Of my father about this,
My heart doesn't hold the tears
Which open more hurts,
I don't know what way take
If injure or shut up
But your eyes say me
Fight by this life
Which love ya.
And now.

You are my only reason,
You are my only love,
You are my only motive,
You are my only meaning.

I don't hope that you understand
What my life carries on it,
It's the price to have
A noble like a heart,
And by only to think about everyone
I turned off my loving,
How I would like that they could see
My loneliness,
And they'd understand my sadness,

You are my only song,
You are my only sun,
You are my only route,
You are my only sound.

I would want to wake up of this reality,
I know that this is a nightmare,
Hopefully they could hear
How my heart's always crying.

But you are my pray,
But you are my future,
But you are my fate,
But you are my heart.

Although you are far away,
You will never stop to be this.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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