Friday, October 5, 2012

I Will Not Forgive

I didn't chose this life
Or the rule that they imposed me
And for that, it's so hard to believe
Of this things what everybody believes,
But what I can assure
It's that never I will pray by this bunk,
Because never
I will forgive
Or forget
Your badness.

I will not forgive
That you judged me
Two thousand years ago,
Or that you didn't accept
How my heart loves
Out from your rules.

I never asked for something in return
Well although of my pleas
They are never egocentric,
I just asked for love
And transformation
But you denied me
My dreams,
Now, What am I supposed to do?
Let you to bring me
Without taste what it feels
By a outsider
And forbidden
By your regulations.

I will not forgive
That you was leaving me
Without reason or answer,
Or that you forced me
That my soul
Suffered your bliss.

You know that I say the true,
'Cause I was good to pray,
Good to sing;
But now,
There's nothing
That a soul
And deemed.

Why?, Why?
Why?, Why?

I will not forgive
That you cheated on me
So that they hated me,
Or that you used me
Like a insect
By proof my will.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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