Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Beats

Click Here "Just Want To Love"

Everyone wants what there's in me
But their intention is so manly
When what I want is true love
But many don't know what means love,
But the day when I have met you
You changed my world in one second,
I want to know what you have inside
And donate the love which I've harvested,
You don't need an appearance
Or money or wealth,
For you, it's just enough
To see my love,
Many broke my heart
And others ignored my art
But I tell them: "I'm so sorry"
Here it's enough,
I don't live in the past
And I just want
To love his heart,
So be it, so be it,
He discovered what there's in me
My name is Daniel
But this time, I'm Claire Éclairé.

Because when you approach everything's different
My heart cannot stop to loving him
Can you hear how beats
My heart over and over again?

Your kisses used to dominate me,
I become a unwilling being,
In your arms I find the magic
Of the love which never turns off
And in your body I see the world,
Your pores lead me to the objective
And I feel your heart's heat
Who looks for love,
And I tell you: "I'm sorry"
I don't have option
To give everything
Without any objection,
And I want
To live it forever,
Althought my empty heart's
Even broken,
So be it, so be it,
If you can tell me what the life is
You won't call me Daniel
Instead you will call me Claire Éclairé

Because when you hug I cannot know
What the others used to make me to know,
Can you feel how beats
My heart over and over again?

My heart is about to collision
I don't want to break my soul,
But I cannot control me
Can you hear how to beat
Over, over, and over again
And every time stronger?

Because when you kiss me everything stops
And the wind is the only thing I can feel,
Can you live how beats
My heart over and over again?

Album: If God

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