Sunday, September 23, 2012


He lived a fantasy
That the world was drawing,
But it's just a little lie
That everyone knows by heart,
Where if one has another thought
He will be remember like a profane,
The birds will eat his liver
While God looks from his chair.

Put the feet in the ground
Do you believe that for real?

Take today your candle
And burn those pages,
That only adjudicate,
That only cheat on,
Well, tell me the true
If you believe that God adjudicates
Or cheats on?.

No Allah, no Allah.

I deny to believe that
That God classify us
In saints or sinners
And see us suffer in the hell
It's just a trick
That the world has invented
Well, I prefer to be agnostic
Than be a fool holy.

Put your mind in the Heaven
The hell have a lot of space.

Wake up now
And don't let they cheat on you
By the bible
Or the churches,
Leave your ignorance
And use your intelligence,
God doesn't hate,
God doesn't condemn.

This world is tragic
And it doesn't have logic
But we're still living,
And what love is,
It's not at all,
Therefore, I don't believe
Because if you have love
Like God says
You don't have jugdments.

Destroy now
What ties you up
At the storms
And ruins,
And start again
With what you believe
In your way,
In your likeness.

No Allah, No Allah.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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