Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello, hello,
Can you listen to?
Hello, hello
The time is running out.

My soul goes away now
And not even that you realize,
If you listen close you'll know
That his flames fades away.
While I'm feeling the cold
Of what coming tomorrow.

Hello, hello,
Open the door,
Hello, hello,
My soul will walk off,
I don't want your sorrow,
I wanna your ministration,
You don't see that my soul
Die second by second.

My heart don't hold this evil
Of the society community
Who judges me no thinking
That every word hurts more,
Although I pretend to be strong
Many times it's awful

Hello, hello,
Turns your look,
Hello, hello,
Listen to my poem,
Stop to jugde me,
You don't know how hurt is,
Let me love
Just one second.

Every night
I use to wonder,
If I can be your hello,
And the fatigue
That feels my head,
I don't want anymore.

Hello, hello,
Let me in,
Hello, hello,
My life is finished,
I just want to live,
Please don't leave me,
I don't want to scream,
Let me keep.

Album: It's Not My Religion

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