Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. Arrogant

Excuse me, Mr. arrogant
Who thinks all knowledge
Who gives useless advice
And who doesn't know to sell,
Who in your mind only there's sex
Decreasing the faith in everybody,
You are cancer in this planet,
Tell me, who has mistreated you
Who has broken your soul?
None of them is worth,
None of them deserves you,
So, why did you change for them?
You show them that they damaged you
And they marked your life

Mr. know it all
Who has answer to all
And will say, who are you
To say you this loud?
But tell me, what do you have fear?
To love and break your heart?
Don't know what you have lost it

Because I wouldn't had thought
If God and Devil would had gave
The opportunity with you
I would worthed what there's in your heart

Well none of them knew you
Because they would had left you,
'Cause you deserve something better
Although I even don't know you then,
Don't circumvent of my thinking
If you will get it wrong, it's your choice,
Because although I don't know you
I know that you deserve something better
I know there's love in your bed.

Excuse me, Mr. Arrogant
Who thinks all knowledge
Who gives useless advice
Tell me, if you ever listen
What you end up to read it.

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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