Sunday, April 28, 2013

Save Me

Doctor, doctor heals my heart,
Doctor, doctor restores my love,
Because I'm dying in this sorrow
And your kisses are medicine to my heart,
You can be my hero, if you want to
And I never doubt to love you
Because this secret that I keep today
It wants to be listened

My heart breaks,
My breath is over
And my soul starts to swim
In the fate which is waiting,
If you wanna protect me, listen,
The heartbreaks drive me crazy
And the only thing that I really need is
Keep you in me...

I have you in my heart and my mind,
This anxiety drive me crazy,
Don't let me die so soonly
´Cause my heart have the gift
To care and heal your heartbeat,
I know that you can save me
Because you have that special spark
Which turn on my heart
And I believe in that

Kiss me and the darkness save me,
Touch me and the loneliness save me,
I don't want to die without love you then,
Save me, save me, save me.

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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