Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I don't know what to say about you
Or how I put end in it,
I wanted to find a word
Which defines your essence,
Your beauty and magnificense,
Your happiness and your soul,
But at the end
I didn't find any word,
I asked at the sun and the moon,
But on the breeze
There is no answer,
The stars and the aurora
Wanted to help us
But they cannot say anything

You're legend and mythology
That any god can made evident,
He would had lived a utopia
and yet, there's just an incognita,
It was when I start to go crazy,
There wasn't a lasting true,
Because there's nobody
Who can describe you,
I asked God and Devil
But none of them
Can answer,
The angels and demons
Searched and didn't find
Any parameters

Enigma and utopia
And a viral sky,
Adventure and odyssey
In a trip unto Nirvana.

But now I understand
Because there's nobody in this planet
Who can compare
With your soul and essence,
'Cause, you are an enigma
Who nobody can answer
Because who wants to love you
Will live his biggest adventure

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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