Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Want To Fall In Love Again

The sun comes in to my room,
Birds and song is around,
Everybody's including in celebration
While an old love gives his heart,
I feel that it's time, the time came
To forget and start over again
And you come just in time
To occupy my heart.

I want to write love songs
About you and your beautiful soul,
And when we are together
We will forget everything.

I want that you will be my first thought
When I saw the light of the sun,
That we will count all the second
To be close.
I love you, love you.

I want to fall in love again,
I want to inspire love to you again,
I want to love you, hug you, kiss you
And never leave you.

Chapter III: When An Angel And a Demon Fall In Love

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