Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I feel that the past wants to go back
When in the future I start to fly,
A new love comes to my life
And everything starts to shine
But the past wants to go back,
You took me in a moment of weakness
And you played with my head over again,
You tempted me to come back
Because you want to love me but
Right now, in the future I start to fly.

You say that I changed totally,
I am not that guy who you fell in love of him,
Well so shame that you don't like him
And everything that I did with him,
Because I am not the same

And I remember
That you loved me,
You hated me,
You lied to me,
You cheated me,
You hit to me
With your stupid

I really forget
That I don't already remember
That I don't know you
And your face I don't know,
Because there wasn't anything in our story
Which would worth to remember
I really forget
That I don't really love him
And I don't know him

Chapter III: When An Angel And a Demon Fall In Love

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