Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Will Not Give In

I hear those sounds
That they're no colors
And I feel that the world
Won't believe in my song,
I write some words
That many will ignore
And I feel that there's nothing
That in me, they can worth

Difficult could be
But never impossible
Because I don't want to live a lie
I want to extend my wing and fly
Because so far away I wanna go.

I will find in my heart
The voice that there's in my art
Waiting at.

Because that treasure
I want to unearth and show up to you

But somehow I know
Because when I see the sky I know that you see me
And although nobody wants to believe
I know that you're the only one who believe on,
Because you know
That I will not give in.

Chapter III: When An Angel And a Demon Fall In Love

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