Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In a prison of love
I'm still collecting
The pieces of my heartbeat,
It've passed a lot time
But I'm still blind
Commiting the same mistake,
Why did you go?
Why did you run off?
If I'm even still
With my heart break.

I want to walk away from the past
And see the light of my future
Of the destiny of my heart,
To the love,
I don't want that my ego
Has the control of my world
And of all my dreams
Please, silence,
Please, leave,
I don't want to love you
No today, no forever,

But I
Don't want to keep locked up

Why, why am I still in this place
If I have the key in my hand
To open the door of this jail
And run away?
Why, why am I still fall in love
Of someone who doesn't have soul?
Instead to be flying
I'm still enclosed

I see the light of another love
Who he is closer now
And he will get out of this prison
Giving me his love.

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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