Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just The Way I Am

They say that I am different
And they are right
Because I am,
Tell me, why should I be a man?
If It's not what I want it,
Tell me why?
They say that I should walk like a solder
And talk like one of them
To be better,
But I prefer to walk like a clown
And talk like one of them
'Cause it's be dishonest with myself

Who says that I cannot feel fear
Because strong we are
But this is not right,
And I should fall in love of a woman
Because it's good and look well
Even I don't love her,
But the traditional things aren't the best
Because they've showed their dark ways,
I prefer to find love in a heart
Who doesn't have religion and arts
Although you don't like it.

I am not christian or catholic
Atheist or satanic
Because this is not me.

I prefer to be judged
For everybody
That I won't find him,
Because, I know that there's a God in the Heaven
Who gives me this thinking
And I'm so grateful with Him,
Because I don't fear what I am
And I show what I am
Because what I have I gave
Just the way I am.

There's nothing that I want to change
I just want to learn to be better.

Chapter III: When An Angel And a Demon Fall In Love

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