Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To Win

I dreamed with be a singer
Although to my parent don't like it,
Indirectly they don't wanted to sing
They just put their faith in theirselves,
And it was when I knew
That I shouldn't go back
That I should fight by that I want to
And behind I won't have to back,
But the obstacles appears
Like those who circumvent my art,
They put in doubt my illusion
But I wanted to succeed
And with every of their words
I gain momentum to fly
And I did every time more high
And I don't wanna stop.

They put their faith in the money
While I searched in myself,
I found something worther
That tons of money,
Shine like gold and platinum,
Beautiful for its sound,
It doesn't have price or value
Because there's no number in it,
I cannot doubt of its existence,
It was a true in the planet,
That there wasn't answer
But to me I was it,
It was printed happiness
In harmony and notes,
I just had to complete it
To show them its beauty.

I know I'm ready
I know I'm ready
I know I'm ready
To this.

I came to sing, to wake,
To touch, to love,
I came to succeed, to dream,
To fly, to sink
To win, to win.

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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