Monday, June 17, 2013

You Are Gone

I cannot stop to thinking
In the melodies that you sang to me,
But the SIDA turned off your voice
And the beats of your heartbeat,
I'm not gonna forget
Your last words that you said
"In the another live I will love you away"

I never felt you in my body
For your fear and your careness,
I never knew how your kisses savor
Although I never would had doubted
Would had gave you one,
But if you listen to me
I want that you know
That I don't stop to loving you

And remember
This nigh in the ambulance
And your fever was higher,
And you didn't stop
To say me that I will have to rebuild my world
'Cause, our chapter was over right now
While your heart stopped his moves.

You are gone
To say you how much I loved you,
You are gone
To give you the thanks one time more,
You are gone
To hug your soul with my soul
And say you one time more that I won't
I will not forget you.

Chapter V: My Universe

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