Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Not Enough

I know it
And I understand
That they broke your heart
And you don't want to love back,
Talk to me,
And I'll listen it,
I promise I won't hurt you
But I need to know you.

Your memories
They're so badly,
But I can't understand
If you don't talk about them,
I understand
Your effort
But I need hear your voice
To understand your choice,

I want to heal your heart
With my heart,
I want to give you a reason
That your love is going on,
I want to be your doctor
Of your soul,
Just I want the best
For yourself

I'm not enough
To love you,
I'm not enough
To conquer you,
Say me
And I'll understand
Your reason of them.

Chapter V: My Universe

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