Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Universe

Atoms of loving
Get out from my heartbeat
Printed matter in my voice,
In a society with no foundation
In a world without future
But this is not my world
Or my universe,
Constellations of ideas,
Galaxies of doubts
In the sea of my conscience,
Hurricanes of feelings,
Tornados of disappointment,
I am a completed puzzle
But what I want in my world
It's that you become in my sun,
Because I don't have any why
If you aren't the light of my life.

I want that you're my sun
And I the moon with your light
Well today for you, I'm better,
I wanna erase my feelings
And all my thinkings
To take the step the new thing that I feel
'Cause today I am new for your love
I get motive in my dreams
Because you're part of them
And I will fight to catch them.

Your heat and your kiss
Are my only things that I need.

Because my world collapsed
Coming almost to his doom
But my reason is your heart,
Because I don't want anything more in the earth
That you love and lips
Become to the full extend
In my universe.

Chapter V: My Universe.

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