Sunday, June 23, 2013


I am a fool
And a naive boy,
Because I'm still
Thinking in your core,
There's a child
In my heart
Who still loving
Your stupid face,
And he's still wondering over and over again
Why?, what for?, and what? and sometimes where?
You loved me or missed me
But you know so well that it's not in this way.

I hate
Everything what we made
Because I have to
How I erase all,
Many of them said
You are so lucky,
But it is true
It was a damn
And now I got dry my heart
Without any drop of feeling
Because I searched and didn't find
The love he had felt.

I have to say goodbye,
Get out of my body, mind and heart
I got to say goodbye,
I got, I got, I got...

Fool, fool, fool
For think that it was love, love, love,
But just it was a illusion,
Fool, fool, fool
For think that it was sure, sure, sure,
But I was a hoax, hoax, hoax.

Chapter V: My Universe

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