Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm the worst thing that you can get
Because I'm irritable and impatient
And the jelousy can control me,
And I will tell you again
That I wouldn't deserve
Because I am so unsteady,
But I will say
Over and over again
That with no one else I want to stay
And I will do
The impossible
To show you how I love you.

That it's so hurt that you don't call me
Because I don't want to feel me
Like a someone uninterested,
But what I feel I can control
When it's about your love,
That is all,
But if sometime
You see me do it that
That thing that you can not...
Forgive me
But I will say
But in this way is how I can show this.

Because I want to be your happiness
Today and all the days,
When you wake up or your time for bed,
I want to be your gladness
All the mornings
When you wait my callings,
I want to be this

Chapter V: My Universe

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