Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Why did you kiss me this day?
Why do you fill me of loving?
Because I know
That I'm not of your interest anymore
But I'm still waiting for you
Because I want that you're still trying on.

Something says me that you don't want,
Tell me
You are looking for, aren't you?
And now
I don't want to hurt my hopes
That I have about my life
Because it is true love.

But if you change of mind
And you think that if you believe is better
And all has another direction,
I will still waiting for ya,
And waiting for.

I will try it over and over again
And you know it so well,
And for that tell me then
If you don't want to see me again,
Just tell me, just tell me,
And I will run away,
If you don't want to know me,
Just tell me, just tell me
Just tell me and then
I will stop to waiting,
Tell me
And I will desist to loving,
Tell me
And I'll run away.

Chapter V: My Universe

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