Monday, June 3, 2013

This Is My Home

I could tell you
That I am good,
Very bad if you don't come,
You could hit me
And tell me
That is not my faith today,
Go on and on
And don't ask anymore,
Assuming again
That everything's OK.

Open my eyes
And this is the land
Where I live up,
Always rejected
For those eyes
Who gave me my heartbeat,
Come on and on
And I wonder now
If you ever have seen
My afliction.

'Cause I'm gay
They don't understand
That I won't change
'Cause I won't do it,
Because I tried it
And I couldn't,
'Cause I know too
That I am so.

This is my home
Or my house,
Because there's no hour
Or spot,
Because there's nothing
Or no one in this place
Who wanted
My happiness.

Chapter V: My Universe

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