Monday, June 10, 2013


He's not a child
He's a man,
He searched in himself his dreams,
But in the way
His ears filled of this,
This cramping,
He mistook
And tried it on,
But he didn't catch his dreams
And his heartbeat
Is breaking
But he doesn't doubt, he is raising.

The time passed
And although nothing he achieves,
He's still fighting,
He sets his targets
He asks supports
And now he's singing along,
His voice is better
And he didn't stop of it,
He's fighting to catch it,
And with faith in th top
A chance appears in the wall
It's the time to catch them at all.

I'm sorry but I am so
And what I have I give,
And although I can lose
Always I focus in the light,
You can see me again
And you will see I changed,
It's time to succeed
Far away from your sins

He is a singer
And although he doesn't sing so well,
He dreams with a day to see
In a little time looking
Million viewers
Singing his songs louder.

Chapter V: My Universe

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