Sunday, June 9, 2013


If he humiliates you, why do you stay?
If he hits you, do you touch him?
He says that you're lower and you smile,
He is lower and you know that,
I advice you this because I've already lived it
An idiot won't change for love,
You have to understand this
If you want to see what he is actually,
But you are free,
Why don't you leave him?
Start to love yourself again.

Or if you feel that he is manipulating you
And he controls you with a whisper,
Wake up and tell him that you aren't a toy
That he can control it like he wants it,
'Cause you can fly
If you want
You can start.


Be fast and take your suitcases
Throw that ring to the shit
Because if he doesn't love you
You should go,
Don't destroy your life
Don't leave all to the leeway
Take your stuff
It's time to escape.

Chapter V: My Universe

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  1. Another great piece of poetry.