Thursday, June 6, 2013

None Of Them

I am not like those
Because I don't want to
What it is in you pocket
Or in your body,
If you see my eyes today
You will know that I don't lie,
Because what I want
It is your heart
Tell me, if any of them
Searched what I look for it.

Who of them stayed
Although of the obstacles,
But the sex and the money
Tempted them and they fell in,
But I assure you
That I don't want anything of this,
I want to give your my love
Without condition,
And for that I say
Are you ready for this?

I know it,
I know it,
Get them out from your head,
Get them out from your head,
Also I know,
Also I know,
That you can keep going on,
Let's go, moving on.

None of them really knew you,
None of them really loved you,
Because but this moment
In your side they would stay,
And I know that I'm so fast
And I feel sometimes without heart,
But you will know in the future
That I am the next one.

Chapter V: My Universe

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  1. Expressive and effective. Another jewel, I like it!