Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Moral

Just I have the moral,
Just I have the moral.

I thought that was love
Or the principle,
I felt it in my heart,
I felt it like a star
And I enclosed in your eyes
Trapped in your web,
Sating your desires
Inserted in my skin,
Then you left of my life
Leaving me in the dark.

A little time passed
And you come back
Looking for coat
That I've not disproved,
But my heart
Has a new boss,
And I know it's not time
But you lost us,
Now I am that guy who left
Looking at his faith.

If you just want sex
You have in your around
A needy earth,
Wallow your heart
And destroy it apart,
To see, it worthed that.

But right now, right now,
I know you are an animal,
Because what you did in my core
It was terrible,
Where you ate my soul
Without love
But in this fable
Just I have the moral.

Chapter V: My Universe

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