Saturday, June 15, 2013

What He Loves Most

I won't tell you that, that, that,
But I do I can tell you why, why, why.

I hate be maniputaled for the world
And how they circumvent of all,
I hate I have loved with my heart
And they pay me with wile
But I don't need say this
Well everythig what I do have price
And the time came
To collect my board.

I hate give my conscience because somehow
There not a real thanks in theirs mouths,
I hate be the last meanwhile everybody
Choose the fate of my way,
But I don't want to direction
I know where my heart goes
I just want that you know
Before hit my core.

Tell me, what
Was I do?
Are you evil?
Can you hurt me?
For what
Are you gonna make?
And then
Why do you do that?

If you make me cry, God will make you cry
And if you doubt it, just wait and cry
Because even you don't believe I'm His star
Because I just give true love
And if so you doubt you will realize
When it will be your turn to pay up
Because I am what He loves most.

Chapter V: My Universe

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