Thursday, November 28, 2013


I can't find the money to fulfill my wishes,
Love is a trap where all fall,
I am not perfect and although I want to be
My worst mistake was to seek the truth
Because in the lies I can glimpse
Who I really am and I learn something more.

The seconds pass and I feel anxious
Nothing in my life now makes sense
And now that I can, I have no how to do it,
I want to sing and dance until you can no more
Learn from the most beautiful voice that can be heard
And now that I can already, I do not think about it.

It's time to wake up
And feeling life.

This is not my reality, I am now a reality
Now leave plan, I just want to happen,
This is not my reality, I am now my reality,
I love you love without having to think about it.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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