Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Are For Me

I don't know what place I've seen you
But something in us we joined too
Now just stay put it on.

Amazing the fact where you looked me at
And the first time we crossed words
And then you were part of my life.

I am a man, and you also,
But both know that it is what happens to us,
I will take one day of these value
To tell you the ear.

This was the moment when we first met
In the arms of other dark subjects,
I wasn't think about your eyes
And kiss your lips.

Do not smile me that way
Because melt my soul and I am sorry
Not to tell you the truth
Because you do not know how I like you.

You are what I want and what I'm looking for
But only now I hope
That life can surprise me in this way
If someday I get to whisper.

Let me in your life like water in your mouth
Touching your soul while flowed in your veins,
Think of your face I feel inspiration
And recovery continue believing faith.

Everything you want is right here
And I don't want your side splitting
Because you are for me.

Everything you love is inside you,
And I want your skin get so lost
Because you are for me.

Chapter VII: I Do

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