Friday, November 8, 2013


I remember when our eyes met
Looking for in our heads
The response to our lips hid
To continue living another dream.

And we stop believing
Until I saw you again,
And now that you can hear me
I want you to know this time.

They broke my heart a million times
And I know that it is not the only time,
But with you, I will make an exception
While you can continue knowing you.

And I was wrong
Because perfect I can not be
And I will wide awake
Because now you're my present.

And with you I will fight
And then I'll rise
Because I found a reason
Die and be reborn.

I will never say goodbye
Thus has grounds
Because you are this song
And now comes to my heart.

I don't know what part of all this I doubt
Because when I saw you I knew it
But I was a ignorant and fool
To convince me not to believe.

But now I can see
And now I believe.

Chapter VII: I Do

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