Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Philosophy

I spent so much time in a deception
And even much time in a love
Which doesn't have logic and direction,
I wanted to share my world
And full your spirit of imagination,
I don't know I would do without your love,
They call you God
When they want your behalf,
They call you Devil
But what concerns my soul
I would call you "Love".

There's nothing
In the earth
In the same way,
There's nothing
Beyond of this
What your love can show me,
There's nothing
Which explains
Our wonderful join
Because from this time
You are my philosophy.

I don't hold the fact
To observe you far
Although you're still being my afflatus,
I gave you my soul and my love
And I will take the risk of sorrow
To taste the hell with you,
They say that they love you
But they don't know where you,
They just want to feel
The power which lives today in you.

There's nothing
In the life
Than loving,
There's nothing
That searching
If you know where you begin,
There's nothing
That fighting
And you can strip,
Because today your spirit
Is my philosophy.

My philosophy, my philosophy,
My philosophy, my philosophy,
My philosophy, my philosophy,
I'd rather no living
If you aren't my philosophy.

Come on
Praise him on

Of what serves all the money
If you can't buy love,
And if you wanna know who I love
You can find him in your money.

There's nothing
That hating
In this time,
And on and on,
Because this Colombian has force in love
There's nothing
In all my life
That to love with my heart
To my philosophy.

Album: Illuminated.

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  1. very fascinating and touching i loved it! keep up the good work you got talent.