Saturday, October 6, 2012


In the frustation
My dreams are lying down today
And my soul
Lost the targets,
I don't want promises
That later you will break,
I want to wake
Of this nightmare,
Can you see my smile
Cover of this sadness
From my injuries?

I am empty
Without any motive in this world
That one song
And poems futureless,
Give me a reason
To don't pull the trigger.

The windows
Show how everybody goes
But my doors
Don't want that I go,
And the bible
Which denies me my life,
Those words
Are the coldest,
Can you see my soul
Turn darkness
And every time drier?

I am empty
Without any kind of inspiration
Just one heart
Which wants to feel the love
Give me the worth
Which needs my arms.

Full of cracks
And rats,
Don't you think
That I should win?

I am empty
Without any kind of direction,
Just a sound
Of evil templars,
Well, I get to the point
I sold myself to the Lucifer.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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