Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning Star

Morning star
Let me succeed,
Don't go away now
Just illuminate my spirit,
But first listen
And give me that peace,
And over your glory
Let me today sing.

Don't leave me in this misery, oh God,
Give me your love,
Don't stop the sound of my voice, oh God,
And give me that don
To sing along.

When I see the light of the sun in the sky
With fury I wonder:
"How much time?"
Oh, how then?
I need?"
Do you see
What stops me?
I know that you know,
And now,
O when you can
Delete their badness.

Don't abandon me now, Oh God,
I need the heat of your love,
And help me to sing up
With more want,

Don't let me fall
With you hands, hold me,
Don't let me die in this spot
I have to live.

Morning star
Just listen.

Album: It's Not My Religion

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