Friday, November 23, 2012

Where Do You Go?

I'm still looking for you
In this little world
But you're still hiding,
I feel encapsulated
In a world full of liars
And the only thing that I want is love
But I don't find you.

You're the motor
Of my inspiration,
I need to listen your voice
To know if I am alive,
You're the only who knows
All my aches and pains
And I know they have hurt you
And for that, you've walked away.

I hear the beats from your heart,
They're stopping their rhythm,
I wish now find you and tell ya
How much I loved you.

Tell me, where do you go?
I will look for you,
I know that soon I will find you,
I just want to know you
Just tell me, where do you go?

Album: Thanks