Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let Me Sing

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This dream wants to exploit
It's so tired of unvoice
And it has reached the limit
Because his fury and hate want
To make them know,
I know what the others say
They just want that I shut up and stay
In their gray parades
Of current feuds
And unstable aptitudes,
But this is my dream
And I don't let it go for the money,
I want to live it,
It's a fire
Which burns my desire.

This is the battle of my life,
And I don't want to lose the war,
I just ask for your help
And I know that the rest
Moreover becoming,
Let's save this dream
Which lives in my heart
And carries me at the end
But this will flare up
And it's still living.

Let's listen to
My teardrops
I don't want to choke,
Let's act
In my life
Let's open the doors.

I'm not gonna give up
I want to fight until my last
Let me live,
Let me sing,
I don't want agony
I just want to love,
Let me feel,
Let me sing.

Album: Thanks

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