Tuesday, November 27, 2012


And the misery of the religiosity
My soul revealed
I just wanted to love,
I want to wake up of this disgrace,
But now I live this nightmare,
I don't want this life anymore
That everytime is more deplorable.

The age of the darkness came
And the Arabs will regret of it
Many of them threaten me to kill me
But now it's your turn,
I get a new and great power,
My words are stronger
And they will turn into actions
Until if you kill me now.

The truth is hide in my eyes
Between the sun and the egypt pride,
God and Devil have spoken 
And they want that I start to make,
The end of the word has came,
The Heaven will fall to pieces
While my soul lose in the hell

You carried me to this
To sell my soul to Lucifer
But I do not regret
I don't have to make it,
Because the christianity
Drives me to the obscurity
But all of this damn
I will destroy by myself.

Album: Thanks

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