Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Best Years Of My Life

I spent the best years of my life
Or that was what I thought,
December no delay in coming
And things start to change at all.

It was when I saw me around
And I was filled with friends,
A loving family
And love close to my steps.

Then I had to think about it
I was living it,
I get the time
Sing it.

I don't want to better days
I want that life surprised me,
No matter the time and distance
Since I am my own happiness.

I want to run when the sun shine
While the wind touching my face,
I want to know how it feels
Have you right by my side.

I never thought that I would find love,
I never thought that I would lose my friends,
But things change
They are the best years of my life,

I never thought my first kiss,
I never thought that it was love
But things change 
They are the best years of my life.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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