Saturday, November 16, 2013


Leave my pressure and stress on the dump
Because I understood what I was doing, that was my mistake,
So let us join life
Because if somehow you come, my heart would know.

Because search or wait was a bad idea
Never let life surprises my desires,
Now I am who says no, but feel an earthquake
Which shudder my spirit and break my heart.

Because it makes no sense to give something that you do not feel
It must be born and hurt to split into many parts,
As it enters a knife gently on my heart
Or as the electricity when touching your body.

I would feel like rain on the sand
Wetting my heart that wants to sing today
"If I feel chemistry is because this is real"

Because if I see shine your eyes to say now
My name between your lips and your words

Chemical you feel and know this to be true.

Chapter VII: I Do

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