Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Do

It was autumn when we met
You said love eternal love
And then I knew
At last I found it.

Look for a way to observe yourself
It will reveal all that I thought
Since in the end I know
That I can not accelerate me up.

To God we are not compatible
But in my heart you fit,
I don't want to lose this
So I say to...

I loved your smile
And the shine in your eyes,
Since only at the end
No matter where you've been.

But like an angel saved me
And a final cold you rescued me,
I don't want to lose this,
So I say this...

You close your eyes
Today I will lead you to my heart,
There is nothing to fear
Because you know that on your side I will be at.

You're my angel, please don't stay away,
I am your Prince and for you I will be there.
No matter what happens
As long as our hands do not move away.

Tell me "I do"
When I deliver you my love
Love was never loose.

I get the love
Take my hands
And when you say "I do"
Everything will make sense.

Chapter VII: I Do

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