Thursday, November 7, 2013


I am who has the pain of love
And still looking for love,
I am who continues to believe
That it is worth all this.

I am who is worried
And continues waiting for your voice
I am who gave you love.

But I'm a ridiculous
To keep believing
But today I tell you,
But now it's over.

I am who you seek and call you
And yet you did not respond,
I am who wanted to be
But you do not let me be.

But what do you care?
If you have place your sorrows
And insurance you'll love.

Then you'll wonder
I am so bad
But not you shut
My poetry and my song.

But then you remember
As he supposedly loves you
But when he sees the opportunity
Your side will turn away
Because what you have in your pockets
It is what he always wanted.

And when you come back to my side
You say that I have changed
And you'll do the ridiculous,
You'll beg on your knees and cry
And also you will beg,
You look, you yell, but in the end.

But I already have someone in my mouth
And whatever you do just will make the ridiculous
Because when you see me, you say I love you
But you're only making the ridiculous.

Chapter VII: I Do

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